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Be-Shaque| 1981


1981 | 121 min
Shyam Sunder lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small village in India along with his widowed step mother, Nirmala. He has taken to alcohol, womanizing & goes away very often without informing anyone. He frequently asks Nirmala for money. One day a villager Lucky informs Nirmala that he has seen Shyam's dead body. She arrives with other villagers but finds the dead carcass of a bear. Lucky informs the police. Nirmala is in a secret relationship with Mishra. Subsequently, a young man named Prakash arrives there & meets with Nirmala. He tells her that he is Shyam's friend and an author by profession. He is given a village tour by Nirmala's servant Gangu who later informs of villagers' whereabouts. She permits him to live in her spacious house but subsequently asks him to move to the guest house as told by Mishra. Prakash meets and falls in love with Roopa who lives a middle-class lifestyle with her widowed mother Radha, servant Gopal. Prakash overpowers goons sent by Mishra. Shyam had made villager Gauri pregnant who committed suicide as he did not marry her. Prakash informs Nirmala that he is doing business with Shyam & they were to get Rs 10 lakhs. Prakash denies her receiving Shyam's share & business' details. Shyam before his absence had a quarrel with Nirmala for money & threatened to expose her relationship with Mishra. Soon Roopa also falls in love with Prakash. Prakash comes across a framed photograph of Roopa with a young man & a child in her arms in Gopal's house. Then Prakash is told about an abandoned house that has a ghastly secret. Roopa introduces him to her mom, who approves of him. He tells that he is the son of Lucknow-based Tehsildar Somshekhar. Prakash finds a body but is hit on the head. He finds the body gone on waking. Rest needs to be seen. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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