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Jhor| 1982


1982 | 120 min
The story is as the film opens with a calling of rolls in Derozio's class in Hindu College. Calcutta and his pupils - each a celebrity in later life are introduced. Dukhinaranjan Mukherjee, Radhanath Sikdar, Ramgopal Ghosh, Pyarichand Mitra, K.M. Banerjee, Gobin Basak and others. Derozio teaches them the need of scientific doubt and patriotism. He preaches the ideas of the great French Revolution.A suttee Saraswati is rescued by Derozio's pupils, who take her straight to Derozio's residence where she finds shelter. Nahush Sharma, who was trying to burn her alive to take possession of her property, complains to Raja Radhakanta Dev, the undisputed leader of the Hindu community. Dev asks Derozio to return Saraswati. Derozio refuses point blank. Thereafter, Dev declares war against Derozio, because of his arrogance.Plots are laid, Hindu fanatics rouse mobs, the college is picketed, Derozio stoned. On suttee being abolished, Saraswati decides to go home, but is kidnapped by Nahush Sharma, who then tortures her son to make her confess publicly that Derozio has outraged her modesty. Meanwhile, Dukhina, Derozio's best pupil, and Emilia, Derozio's sister, develop a kind of juvenile love, which causes consternation in Hindu society. Dukhina is chained and whipped by his father, drugged and detained, but he breaks free and rejoins his master.But all these charges finally sway the Board of Governors of Hindu College, and Derozio is sacked. More, his pupils are forbidden to visit him. The tragedy lies in the fact that Dukhina, Derozio's favorite pupil, testifies against his master before the Board. Dukhina continues to live a wild life, abusing Derozio publicly. Derozio does not acknowledge defeat but sells all his books and furniture to publish the weekly. East India, and continues to mount attacks on Hindu superstition and British exploitation. He is publicly insulted in a dinner, when Saraswati is finally made to denounce him. But Derozio goes on fighting, Saraswati, having carried out her mission for the sake of her son, returns to find him dead.And Derozio is down with cholera, His pupils break College rules and gather by his side, while a mob burns his effigy outside. Rev. Hill requests him to make peace with God. Derozio replies. " But God is not proven". more»
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