Tara is the only daughter of a rich Zamindar in a village and spends her time in the vicinity of nature. One day her childhood friend Ghona comes back from the city. The two indulge in fights initially however once again becomes the best of friends. In the meantime Ghona starts working for Tara s father. As the parents start looking for a suitable match for their only daughter Tara falls prey in the hands of a policeman. The family tries their best to protect their child from this scandal by fixing her marriage with a suitable groom. However the cat is let out of the bag and Tara s family is humiliated. Tara decides to marry the policeman. She tries her best to bring her husband back on track but without success. In the end she is forced to stab him and as a result she is imprisoned. Her husband repents and passes away. Ghona is given the responsibility to take care of Tara by the lawyer.