Santan Jakhan Satru is the story of Shuvendu Roy and his family. Shuevndu Roy and his second wife s son get stolen by evil man Rajesh Maitra. Rajesh kills his wife and abandons the child after few years. Shuvendu and his wife Mamata gets the child and brings him up. Shuvendu also has two sons Shyamlendu and Dibyendu from his earlier wife. Rajesh in order to ruin Shuvendu s life and his friendship with Amitava misleads his sons Shyamal and Dibya. Circumstances make Shuvendu poor. Arun, the boy is thrown out of the house. Mamata also dies. Shuvendu s sons become his enemies. But he gradually gets back his wealth and his sons realize the real intentions of Rajesh. The family finally reunites. Arun s real identity also gets revealed.
Arabic, English ( Eros Now Premium only)
Suitable for All