Kamala was the only daughter of King Shanchi and his wife Chitra. One day Kamala meets Kanchan Kumar who was also a prince. After that both Kamala and Kanchan Kumar fall in love. Their parents agreed and they got married. On the night of the marriage an ascetic, Chamunda Tantrik met with Kanchan Kumar. He asks him to bring Nil Padda from Nil Sardar which was a promise of his father to God Bholanath. Kanchan Kumar felt uneasy and wanted to meet his wife. Again the ascetic came and helped him to visit his wife. Kanchan's mother could realise the presence of some one on her daughter-in-law's room. Kamala was taken to her court and she received death penalty. But Kamala ran away into the forest. Later she discovered that she was pregnant. She delivered a son, Manik Kumar. But her son was interchanged with another lady who gave birth to a dead child. One day Kamala found her son, she demanded her son back. Finally Kamala got her son b