Madhav Majhir Kalo Chasm is about a magical pair of dark glasses that Madhav, the boatman had. Jojo and Biju run away from home to escape the wrath of their family after failing in their class test. They meet a man Bishtu who tells them to visit the other side of the river as it s a beautiful place. Madhav, the boatman ferries them across. He waits for them on the banks to return. Bishtu has evil intentions and wants to sell the kids. He gives them sedatives. Madhav is a weird looking man who wears a pair of dark glasses. He thinks that the glasses have magical powers and help him to see the future. The glasses help him to see that the kids are in danger. He informs the police. He also meets the uncle of the kids. All of them manage to save the kids from the kidnappers. Jojo wakes up to find that he was dreaming.
English ( Eros Now Premium only)
Suitable for All