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Vallamai Thaaraayo| 2008

Vallamai Thaaraayo

2008 | 146 min
The movie opens with Nandita (Chaya Singh) and her husband Anand (Partiban) in the process of getting a divorce. Nandita's lawyer accuses Anand of physically abusing Nandita, calling him a sadist. A flashback takes the audience back to the circumstances of their marriage. A happy working girl from the city, Nandita returns to her home village for a family function, only to find that her father, who due to differences with his sister, has decided to marry Nandita off elsewhere. Nandita, who has spent her life falling in love with Sekar (Srikanth), her cousin and original fiance, cannot agree to this sudden marriage. However, her father forces her to agree, and the marriage to Anand takes place in less than a week. The newlyweds move back to the city, and though the kind and jovial Anand attempts to lead a life with her and make her fall in love with him, Nandita does not budge. She is normally cold and impolite, except for when she sees constant reminders of Sekar. The scene cuts back to the family court, where Nandita has gotten the divorce and she calls Anand for a final farewell, telling him to find a girl he will truly love. Now, Nandita is a free woman, living life the way she wants to, and dreaming of seeing Sekar again. She moves to a new apartment, gets a new job, and a new friend- her housekeeper, Savitri. Things are going well, but Anand is a constant unwanted presence in her life- greeting her every morning and calling her frequently. When asked why he's still around he tells her that he likes no one else but her. One Valentine's Day, Nandita sees Sekar on TV, talking about her as his soulmate, his first love. To her surprise he announces that he is getting married soon, because she is already married. An upset Nandita is pushed even further over the edge when she finds out that Savitri has been talking to Anand about Nandita. She leaves on a company business trip for a few days;a visit to a school for disabled children. Learning a few life lessons, she comes back a changed woman, and becomes open to getting to know Anand for the first time. The end of the movie shows her and Anand happily spending time with each other. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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