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Lalpathare| 1964


1964 | 131 min
Kumar Bahadur is the rich inheritor of Ray family. He is an M.A. in Psychology, a good hunter and at the same time a profound music lover. Kumar once saves the life of an extremely beautiful village woman who was captured by dacoits. Kumar takes her to his palace, and soon becomes her admirer. The woman also falls for young and handsome Kumar and their love story begins. Kumar changes the woman s name to Madhuri from Saudamini. At the same time, Kumar also tries to change Madhuri as a person also. He desperately tries to infuse class and grace into her. He starts teaching her lessons, takes her to different places and also hires a music instructor for her. But Madhuri fails to become Kumar s muse which leads him to great dissatisfaction, finally after ten long years Kumar finds Sumita in function. Impressed by her vocal skills Kumar marries her without knowing anything about her. Soon Sunita s childhood lover Ambar returns from England. Now the story takes an interesting turn as Kumar turns blind with jealousy. Taking Ambar and Sunita to Fatehpur Sicri Kumar plays a cruel game and gets Sunita killed by her lover. Even more tragic incidents follow. Dying Sunita admits that she was pregnant with Kumar s son and Kumar kills Ambar by accident. In the end of this great saga we find that Kumar couldn t Bear this episode and affected with deep grief and guilt feeling he loses his mental sanity. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Malappauram Haji Mahanaya Joji| 1994

Malappauram Haji Mahanaya Joji

1994 | 140 min
Watch the full movie, Malappauram Haji Mahanaya Joji online, only on Eros Now. Kunjalikutty (Siddique) gets both a visa to Dubai and a job offer at a school managed by his father's friend, Malappuram Hajiyar (Madhu) in Malappuram at the same time. His father refuses to let him go to Dubai and wants him to take the teaching job. So Kunjalikutty sends his friend Joji (Mukesh), a handsome and well-educated Hindu, in his place to the school, and goes to Dubai without his parents knowledge. Malappuram Hajiyar is a bold and religious man having a huge public appeal, with no tolerance towards deception. Thus people approach him with awe. Hajiyar's code of conduct scares Joji to the core that he has to conceal his own identity while living as Kunjalikkutty's impostor. A hilariously hostile relationship develops between Joji and Aliyar, who is the physical education teacher, and later, Joji's roommate. Joji soon gets into the good books of Hajiyar, while Aliyar remains stuck in the rut of being too slack for a teacher, for instance, coming late for the school. Things do not go easy for Joji. He nearly blew his cover at times, which triggers Aliyar's suspicion. On one such occasion, he is accidentally confronted by Gouri (Maathu), who hails from a reputed Hindu family. The story enters a serious turn, when Kunjalikutty shows up, telling Joji that he has become a victim of a visa scam run by Jafer Khan (Rizabawa), who now targets Kunjalikutty for extermination. Unable to face his own strict father, while avoiding Jafer Khan's goons, Kunjalikutty decides to stay with Joji, as Joji. Thus Kunjalikutty and Joji lives together with Aliyar, under swapped identities. Aliyar, who cannot stand Joji further, becomes desperate to get into the bottom of things. This leads to situations, which form the rest of the film. more»
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