Tamizh (Vijay) is a hitman in Chennai who has no ties with anyone and will do any dirty work as long as the money as good. He meets a young girl named Shruthi (Asin) and they fall in love. But there are two obstacles in the path of their romance: firstly; Shruthi detests tam's violent ways and secondly; police sub-inspector Govindan is pursuing Shruthi obsessively with the intent of making her his mistress. Meanwhile; Dubai-based crime lord Ali Bhai (Prakash Raj) has arrived in Chennai for the purpose of silencing his chief rival gangster Narasimhan and also to meet tam who is rising within the gang's ranks. However; during the meeting; Ali Bhai is arrested in a police raid conducted by Police Commissioner Mohammed Moideen Khan and his gang hatches a morally abhorrent plan in order to secure his release.
Smoking, Alcohol, Violence