Sivaji is a highly respectable man in his village. He works tirelessly for the welfare of his society and hardly spends time with his wife Padmini. Padmini has no child after many years of marriage. Jaishankar is Sivaji's younger brother and is in love with Vanisri, daughter of Nambiar who is the owner of a grocery store. Nambiar adulterates almost all his products in his shop and sells them at a highly priced rate. People got no choice but to buy stuff for their daily life as this is the only grocery shop in the entire village. Sivaji puts a full stop to this by inaugurating a grocery shop owned by the village cooperative society, after which Nambiar begins to incur losses as people no longer buy from his shop. After knowing that his daughter is in love with Sivaji brother, Nambiar plans to make use of this to separate the brothers. Sivaji is initially reluctant to this marriage, but agrees eventually after talkin g to Vanisri and learning about her good character. Post their marriage