Rumi is rich man s daughter. She is beautiful, talented and charming. Her marriage gets fixed and Rumi can t wait to step into her new life when she comes to know that her fianc has an affair. Rumi is shattered. She runs away from her house to find the lady. Ayan, a simple and easy-going man decides to help her. He becomes her driver and together they start their expedition. On their way, they halt at a hotel called Ananda Niketan . Ayan and Rumi pretend to be husband and wife and start staying there. The hotel is run by an old couple. Here Rumi gets exposed to the real world which was unseen to her all this while. She and Ayan gets to know each other and stumble upon many bitter sweet memories. Finally she meets the lady who tells her that she does not want to marry her fianc . But by now, neither does Rumi because she has fallen in love with Ayan and so has Ayan. They get together.