This story is depicted on the backdrop of 1651 when the emperor was Shahjahan and subadar of Bengal was shajada Suja. But many people initiated conspiracy for the race to become the King. Already Shahjada Aurengjeb combined with the king of Golkunda. This was a fatal conspiracy, slowly it will absorb all the princes. One of the prince was Suja and he specially liked the King of Nasimpur Inranarayan who was also a conspirator and by this way he grabbed the area of his very close friend Umakanta roy. Debikanta Roy who was the son of Umakanto still lives with Indranarayn. One day he flew from his home and a bandit team Chief Bhujanga Haldar met him . Uttara was the princess of Nasimpur, and Dewan tried to knot her with Basudeb. But Uttara loves Basudeb but she told him that his activities were not acceptable to her. In the national scenario Mir Zumla helped Shahjada Aurangzeb and Basudeb made a pact with Mir Zumla. But Umakanto exposed all the conspiracy and then reunite with Uttara.