Mangal and Deep both from are Nabagram. Deep had an inborn talent of singing. Mangal always inspired him and supported him in his struggle. Deep and Mangal s family went to Kolkata for a better opportunity and opening, where they faced lots of criticism and fraud. On the other hand, they met Ramu da a man with golden heart. Ramu da helped them a lot and sold his land to accommodate a function for Deep. One day they met Chandra. She was a daughter of a rich man who had good contacts in music and film line. Within a very small time Deep got fame, money everything. In such a situation, Chandra s brother Sunil tried to create some misunderstanding between Mangal and Deep. As a result, Mangal left Deep s place and lived under huge poverty. At the end, Deep came to know about the conspiracy and tried hard to get back his Mangal da. When Deep was singing in his home village Nabagram he found Mangal and they started to stay together.