After her father s death, Anuradha Chowdhury became very upset. In such circumstances, Mr. Mallik the general manager of Chowdhury Mines tried to manage every property of their family. He convinced everyone that Anuradha was mental patient. Suddenly she got a chance and flew away from Rachi to Kolkata. Accidentally Anuradha met Raja Banerjee a journalist and requested for a shelter. As a result, she started to stay at Raja s house. In such a situation, Mr. Mallik came to Kolkata and asked for help from Raja. This complex situation really confused him and later Raja decided to help Anuradha. At the same, time Mr. Mallik requested a notorious criminal Roshonlal to find Anuradha. Just to save Anuradha Raja put in her at his grandmother house at Tarakeswar. Later Anuradha felt that she had a soft corner for Raja. Therefore, without hesitation she decided to come back to Raja s place and fixed him as his life partner.