The king of Kanchangarh did not like his son's activities. The prince's best friend was a poor muslim, Rahim. One day the king punished Rahim without any reason. The prince protested against his father and a clash started between the King and prince. One day the King went for hunting. There he met a beautiful girl. He married her and took her to the palace. The king did not know that the girl was a demoness. One night the prince saw the Chato Rani kill a horse and eat it. The Prince and Baro Rani reported this to the king. The king did not believe this & drove his wife and son out of the palace. Incidentally a Sage advised the prince on how he could kill the demoness. The prince found Nagmoni and came to Roopnagar with the help of Nagmoni. He was saved from all dangers with the help of Nagmoni. At Roopnagar he met Roopmati, the princess. They fell in love with each other. The princess was prisoned by the chief demoness. The prince killed the 'Pran Vomra' of the demoness with the help of Roopkumari. At last he killed demoness Rani and proved to the King that he was right. the prince married Roopkumari and Rahim married his girl friend. He was then crowned the king of Kanchangarh.