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Padma Nadir Majhi| 1999

Padma Nadir Majhi

1999 | 131 min
Hossian Miya, a businessman with a rare vision: he wants to carry a little phenomenon on Moynadeep in the Padma delta. and offer them a better lifestyle. Hossian Miya has a flourishing business , as a result of it he has recently developed a huge boat because of this dream. He doesn't bother about people s religion. The time is 1947, on the twilight of the British raj, and the Hindu fisherman Kuber briefly accepts the offer by Hossain to take some of the community's goods from the island. In the process of getting the cargo, he gets to see what the colony is like and, even though he is fully aware of the gripes of a former colony member and the limitations of it, comes to share some of the utopian vision. Rasu has came from Moynadeep deserting his wife and children there. Aminuddin, too, refuses to return to Moynadeep again. Kubir has a wife and daughter. His wife troubled with a leg deformity. Kubir goes to pay a visit to his relatives from his wife's side. On return, he brings along his sister-in-law Kapila along with a ton of small kids. Kapila was married, but is now estranged from her husband. A sneaky amorous relationship develops between Kubir and Kapila. Hussian Miya offers to lend a helping hand to the villagers. He does so, but in return he takes their thumb impression as proof of his help. Rasu and Kubir engaged in a conflict. Then Hossain Miya resoved it and Rasu goes to Moynadeep. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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