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Chikku Bukku| 2010

Chikku Bukku

2010 | 139 min
Arjun (Arya), a London-based disc jockey, leads a happy life. Also there is Anu (Shriya Saran), who completes her MBA in a London university. One day, Arjun is forced to come to his native village in Karaikudi to ensure that his ancestral property is not sold. Also Anu too is forced to come to Madurai to meet her father who is injured in an accident. The two strangers meet in a train. There begins their journey towards their respective destinations. Meanwhile, a diary of Arjun's father pops out from his bag. He browses through it to understand his dad's love life. In flashback, the movie goes back to 1985. It is revealed that Sekar (Arya) returns to his village after getting selected as a Police. He falls in love with Meena (Preetika). But when their romance is revealed, Sekar's family resists the relationship due to class differences. A dejected Sekar leaves to begin training as a police officer. There he becomes acquainted with Ammaiappan (Anoop kumar), a young colleague. He comes to know that Ammayappan is in love with his uncle's daughter. A sequence of events reveals that both men love the same girl Meena. Returning to the film's contemporary setting, we find that Arjun and Anu after crossing several hurdles in their journey reach their respective houses. They then realise that they have fallen for each other. Meanwhile, the film employs a Deus Ex Machina, in the form of Anu s father, to ensure all story arcs are resolved. When Anu's father Ammaiappan realiases that Anu is in love with Sekar's son he immediately approves of their relationship. It is implied that Anu and Arjun are then to stay together. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Boss - Tamil| 2006

Boss - Tamil

2006 | 151 min
SRK (Sayaji Shinde) is a real estate contractor. He uses muscle power to encroach land and make money. His business rival Gopala Krishna "GK" (Nagarjuna) is the 'Boss' of GK Constructions. GK has the power to handle goons as well as the real estate business. He calls for applications from MBA graduates as his personal secretary. None of the applicants reach his expectations. He accidentally meets Anuradha "Anu" (Nayantara) and thinks that she is fit for the job. As a 'Boss' he is tough with his staff but has lots of concern over them. During a trip to Malaysia, Anu and GK get closer and Anu loses her heart to GK. When she is about to confess her love, Anu gets involved in a petty issue and faces the wrath of GK. Consequently, she requested to resign from her job, while she is on duty for her last one month, GK calls for interviews for his personal secretary again and zeroes in on Sruthi (Poonam Bajwa). It is revealed that she was planted in GK's office by SRK. In order to get her father Ramamurthy released from a false case, Sruthi steals a tender file. However, she does not hand it over to SRK and demands her father's release. The crooked SRK does not listen to her. At this juncture, she tries to escape from the scene and is saved by GK at the insistence of Anu. However, Anu is injured in the attack by goons in the process, but goes straight to the Tenders office and files the tender to save GK from a huge loss and to fulfill his ambition of securing his dream project. When GK is about to thank her, she admits her love for him, only to learn of his past. In the flashback, GK reveals that he loved Sanjana (Shriya) and married her. She died in a tsunami shortly after. He says he can't replace Sanjana. GK refuses Anu's love politely. As time goes by, Sanjana's mother Sumitra (Sumalatha) dies of illness in Malaysia and her husband Viswanath (Nasar) tells GK that her last wish is the marriage of GK with Anu. GK also gets a feeling that Sanjana also wants the same. He returns to India and unites with Anu and the film ends on a happy note. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Amber| 1952


1952 | 139 min
A Sag Of Love And Hatred Depicting The Story Of A Young, Charming And Revengeful Girl Named - Amber, Who Was Born Under The Influence Of A Tragic Past, By The Secret Yet Sacred Marriage Of A State Prince With A Moantain Girl. The Prince Was Mysteriage Murdered And Her Mother While Amber Was A Babe In Arms Committed Suicide. Amber While Still A Little Child Is Planted In The Palaces By Her Grandfather - Nana, Leader Of Her Race, To Take Revenge Of Her Parents Death, According To Their Tradition. Amber Grows Up As A Beloved Princess Till The Killer Is None Other Than The King Who Loves Her As His Own Daughter. How Can She Kill Him? . Raj, Young Dashing Handsome Happy To Lucky Son Of A Veteran Soldier Statesman Is Deputed By His Father To Save The Life Of King, As The News Has Reached That A Mountain Girl Has Entered The Palace To Murder The King. . Amber And Raj Meet In The Palace One Determined To Kill And The Pther Pledged To Save. Strange As It May Look, They Fall In Love, But Never For A Moment Forget Their Respective Missions. . The Dewan A Powerful Man In The State Is At The Same Time Planning His Own Schemes With The Co-Operation Of His Illegitimate Son - Johar - A Famous Bandit Of The Place, To Seize The Throne And Kill Amber Who Is Getting Closer To The King And Ultimately The Throne. . Now The Stroy Punches Out An Arresting Series Of Incidents Around Its Characters, Facing Each Other Under Different Motives. Amber Wants To Dip Her Dagger In The Blood Of Her Fatherly King- Raj Is To Avoid This Tragedy Dewan Is After Clearing Away All The Obstacles In His Way. The Love String Between Amber And Raj Is Becoming Tighter And Tighter Every Moment Till The Time Comes When Amber Is Love Lies Locked In Her Heart At The Mercy Of Her Nana And Tradition Of Her Race. Dewan Makes Nana To Believe That Murder Of Ambers Father Was Done By Rajs Father Raj Could Not Stand This Accusation Against His Father And Promises On Oath That He Will Bring The Real Culprit At Nanas Feet. . In The Absence Of Raj-Dewan Succeeds In Killing Nana With His Wicked Tactics. Amber, Desperate And Furious With Vengeance Fiually Tries To Kill The King, But Is Astonished To Find Dewan In Place Of King. The Poor Girl Falls Helplessly In The Beastly Clutches Of Dewan. Raj When Comes To Know Of Tyranny Movements Of Dewan, Collects His Force And Attacks The Palace, Which At The Time, Is Being Ruled By Johar And His Men. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Adhikar| 1954


1954 | 126 min
This Is The Story Of Modern Age - The Story Of Fight For The Equal Rights Of Men And Women. . After The Days Hard Work In The Office, Shekhar Returns Home Tired But When He Sees A Welcome Smile On Latas - His Wife - Lips, He Forgets His Fatigue And Finds Fresh Charm In Life. One Day, Shekhar Informs Lata Of His Transefer To Bombay, The News That Sends Her In Reptures. He Also Takes Out One Locket From Him Pocket And Puts It Round The Neck Of Their Tiny Tot Baby Shashi. Inside The Locket Is Set The Photo Of Shekhar, Lata And Shashi. Shekhars Friend Bhushan And His Wife, Come To Invite Them To A Birthday Party. Giving Strict Instructions To Dulari To Be By The Side Of Shashi Who Is Fast Asleep, They Go To The Party But When They Come Back, Lata Finds Her House On Fire. She Runs To Shashis Rescue, Throws Her Down Safe But She Is Severally Burnt And Before Breathing Her Last, She Requests Shekhar To Marry Again. . Leaving Shashi To Her Grand Parents, Shekhar Comes To Bombay And Puts Up With Bhushan. Pressing Letters From His Parents, Asking Him To Take Care Of Shashi Compet Him To Take A Flat In Radhakishens Building. Where He Comes In Cntact With Usha And They Fall A Prey To Cupids Game. And Shekhar Gets Married To Usha. On Hearing The News Of His Second Marriage, Shekhars Parents Write To Him To Take Away Shashi, As They Want To To To Kumbha Mela. The Letter Goes In The Hands Of Usha Who, Enraged At This, Quarrels With Shekhar And Runs Away To Her Mother. . Finding Usha In A Dejected Mood, Her Mother Asks Her To Accompany Her To Kumbha Mela Where Baby Shashi, Separated From Her Grand Parents And Lost In Chaos, Falls In The Hands Of Usha. Knowing The Identity Of Shahsi From The Locket, Usha Takes Her To Bombay. Shekhar Comes To Usha To Inform Her That The Child For Whom She Had Deserted Him Is Lost In Kumbha Mela And Now Seh Should Forget Him. At This, Usha Tells Him That She Also Had A Baby By Her First Marriage, Shekhar Gets Stunned. Usha Goes To Shekhars House With Shashi But Taking Shashi As Ushas Child, Shekhar Feels Jealous And This Heart Burning One Day Reaches To A Climaz Where Upon He Slaps Usha On Her Face. Putting The Same Locket Round Shashis Neck, Usha Silently Quits The House. Shekhar Drives Shashi Out Of The House. While Dragging Her, Locket Comes Out Of Her Neck. On Seeing The Locket, He Realizes The Truth And Runs Like A Mad Man To Ushas House. Not Finding Her There, Shekhar And Usha Move Out In Search For Shashi. On Seeing Shashi Running To Stone Hills, Which Are Being Exploded. Usha Gets Fainted. But Shashi Escapes The Explosing By A Hair-Breadth And The Two Separted Hearts Are United Because Of A Child. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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