Siddharth/Siddhu (Shanthnoo), the son of a school principal, runs away from his home due to failing in his higher secondary exams. He meets Pavithra (Chandini) who has likewise failed, and the two travel to Chennai, with Siddu planning to commit suicide after enjoying himself for a few days. They eventually fall in love and decide to start a new life. After a host of misadventures, including one where Siddu crosses paths with a brutal policeman, they discover that Pavithra has actually passed her exams with distinction. When she realizes that Siddu had initially tried to hide this fact from her (since he found out first), she runs back to her house and joins a medical course. Siddu attempts to get her back, staying in a barbershop owned by a local (Ganja Karuppu). There, he has to contend with Pavithra's murderous father, her eccentric uncle who determines to marry her, and a Gujarati woman who falls in love with Siddu. These elements, along with the policeman attempting to kill him i
Arabic, English ( Eros Now Premium only)
Smoking, Alcohol