Love, greed, crime and revenge. These are the basic emotions that constitute the story of Eesa. If you are the type who expects something new every time you watch a film, Eesa is bound to disappoint you big time. Vignesh and Lakshana play the lead pair in the film, supported by Singampuli. They work in Thoothukudi under a wealthy respectable man in the village. But as the story unfolds it comes to light that he is corrupt and wicked within. Lakshana is the one who first stumbles upon the truth and she has to pay for it with her life, but not before passing on the truth to Vignesh in the midst of her final few breaths. It has to be a predictable course from then on, murder in the name of revenge. The script is the biggest flaw in Eesa, a lot more care should have been taken in the writing department. The proceedings get tiresome and irksome very early in the first half and it is a weary wait for the climax, you don t feel interested at any point. However there are a few scenes where o
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