The story is about Balu (Vishal), who on a visit to his friend's town Chidambaram, takes on the local dada Kasi (Lal). Balu, an engineering student, also falls in love with his friend's sister Hema (Meera Jasmine). Kasi, after being at the receiving end of Balu's macho ways, is smarting under the rebuff. He thirsts for revenge. So when Balu goes back to his own city Madurai, Kasi also goes there to extract blood for blood. But Balu is from no ordinary family. His father Dorai (Raj Kiran) is himself a powerful leader in his domain. So taking out Balu is not such an easy task. But Kasi wants revenge at any cost. He befriends a local goon(Thalaivaasal' Vijay) who is made an outcast by Dorai and they together plan to exact revenge. Meanwhile Balu's friend and his family visits his city as they are on a pilgrimage they meet Balu at the temple and accept his apology. He proposes to Hema and their love is accepted by their parents. The goons plan to exact revenge during the annual temple fest
Arabic, English ( Eros Now Premium only)
Suitable for All